ApliCAD presents the plug-in information exchange between Autodesk REVIT and HULC.

The appearance of the Technical Building Code known as CTE has been one of the most important changes in recent years and reinforces the need to perform any type of activity in a way that is environmentally friendly.

The use of this plug-in is the easiest way to obtain the certification of the building designed with Autodesk REVIT.

ApliCAD has developed in recent years the Export plugin from Autodesk Revit to LIDER, so with regulatory changes and appearance of the HULC program it is necessary to adapt the export plugin to the new application.


With ApliCAD CTE HULC the tedious task of drawing the geometry and assigning materials to the different layers of the architectural solutions of any building becomes easier.

As it is drawn in Autodesk Revit, the solution of the different meetings, the collaboration with other departments of the Office, or just the simple fact of having functions such as the Undo make easier the process of energy certification of the building.

Even in cases where the energy certification of an already constructed building is involved, it is easier to “lift” the building in Revit to pass it to HULC for calculation.

Compatible with Revit 2019 and higher