UpdateBIM Private Cloud vs UpdateBIM Manufacturer

One product for 2 possible solutions

Private CloudManufacturer
Users who can use published BIM objectsSolo los usuarios invitadosAny UpdateBIM user globally can view and use published BIM objects.
Volume of informationYou pay for the volume of MB used in the storage of families and associated documents.The price of the volume of information used is included in the monthly fee for having a public catalog.
Economic costPayment is based on the number of invited users and the volume of information.The price is fixed and depends on the number of active references on the platform.
Usage statisticsComplete statistics on the use of objects by guest usersDownload statistics of each of the objects by users.
Although the catalog is public, the administrator can invite users only with their email address.
Paid licensesUsers invited to the private cloud must be licensed to use the objects.
If the owner invites a user without a paid license, he must bear the cost of that user.
Being public catalogs, any UpdateBIM user without a paid license can use the objects without any restriction.